M-Bar 160sqft

All of our MOMOCO Bars are fully ready and could be up and running within hours. Finished interior and exterior with modern sustainable finishes. Counter with shelves and doors, stools, outdoor tables and chairs.

• Exterior facade: Grade B container painted with a high-grade abrasion resistant and compliant paint that is UV resistant and extremely durable, roof sitting area, railings, stairs, front deck, Bar sign

• Insulation: Insulated as standard with EPS insulation panels, an effective R24 in the walls/ceiling

• Interior walls: Interior walls/ceiling wall panels  (Grey or White)

• Flooring: Aluminium Non- slip floors

• Plumbing: Drain and supply plumbing to all fixtures & equipment.

• Electrical:  200 Amp electrical panel, LED ceiling lights and outlets meeting current building codes, outdoor LED lights.

• Optional Upgrade: Refrigerator/Freezer, Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven, Air conditioner for cooling and heating, SOLAR panels package, patio, Electric hot water heater.