M-Office 160sqft

All of our MOMOCO units are fully furnished, finished interior and exterior with modern sustainable finishes.

• Exterior facade: Grade B container painted with a high-grade abrasion resistant and compliant paint that is UV resistant and extremely durable

• Windows, sliding doors: UPVC (Black or White frame, 6mm glass, door handles)

• Insulation: Insulated as standard with EPS insulation panels, an effective R24 in the walls/ceiling

• Interior walls: Interior walls/ceiling primed and painted 

• Bathroom – Toilet, Walk in shower with glass wall, hand wash basin, sliding interior door

• Office: High quality, high gloss shelves, office table, 3 chairs

• Flooring: Vinyl floor

• Plumbing: Drain and supply plumbing to all fixtures & equipment

• Electrical:  200 Amp electrical panel, LED ceiling down lights and outlets meeting current building codes, outdoor LED lights

• Optional Upgrade: Air conditioner for cooling and heating, extra shelves,  luxury hardwood floor, SOLAR panels package.